There are gazillions of places that you won't find on Google or other mainstream map apps - cute swimming beaches, unmarked lookouts, tennis courts, pump tracks, picnic spots, street art, dog parks...

And, once you find a place on other maps - is it really what you are after? Does that restaurant have a kid's corner? Is that playground for toddlers or a street workout spot for everyone? Is that a pool, sauna, or something that might make you blush?

You deserve a better map...

...where anyone can add almost anything - as long as it's in the right category and community.

...where you can chat with people with similar interests or stay private.

...that rewards you for adding places and keeping info fresh.

...where you can share places only with your friends.

...that makes it super easy to find what's on in this town tonight.

...that will max out your free time.

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